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Founded in 2004, LaKona is a trade manufacturing company and successfully developing family business. Over the years of its operation the company has earned loyalty and become popular among its customers.



Nowadays, LaKona is one of the leading manufacturers in Belarus for producing and selling women's apparell. LaKona is a modern and creative team of experienced and dedicated professionals whose hands are working for you to provide the best service and products. Each of the garment is unique masterpiece created by our designers and craftsmen who do their best for women to embrace and express their femininity and elegance. Looking gorgeous and sophisticated, shedding grace and charm are what we always stands for!



LaKona is the ultimate symbol of elegance, excellence and style. Following the latest industry trends and innovations we always utilising the finest quality fabrics to provide perfectly cut and well fitted garments at competitive prices.



All the products are certified and meet all quality standard requirements. We offer a wide selection of different designs and patterns to satisfy the needs and desires of women of all shapes and sizes. LaKona is a must-have for self-confident, fashionable independent women - all over the world!